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                    1 )      Recruiting qualify applicants to join the au pair program under cultural exchange program
                              in the United States of America.

                    2 )      Interview to make sure that applicant is suitable and qualify as an au pair.

                    3 )      Provide childcare training, basic driving knowledge and basic CPR training prior to work as
                              and au pair in America.

                    4 )     Provide tactics and right conversation during host family oversea phone interview.

                    5 )     Provide English classes for au pair applicant who does not meet the required English 
                             proficiency level.

                    6 )     Advice and assist applicant to prepare proper au pair letter.

                    7 )     Advice and assist applicant to prepare proper visa application to make sure that the applicant
                             will get the visa approve.

                    8 )    Assist applicant in advance booking for visa interview appointment date.

                    9 )    Provide final orientation (how to travel to USA, lives in USA, serious childcare working conditions,    
                            driving in USA and safety childcare) to make sure that au pairs will success in their year as an
                            au pair in the United States of America.

                   10 )   Keep contact with au pairs who are working in USA and provide advices or helps when needed.

                   11 )   Coordinate with AuPAirCare Head Office in San Francisco on behalf of au pairs incase of any
                            urgent matters.

                   12 )   Keep contact with au pair’s family in case of any urgently matter happen to the au pair.

                   13 )   Assist au pair for her second year contact.